Can you give me any tips on how to meditate?

tips on how to meditate please ?

You can try relaxing either lying down or sitting comfortably , and just focusing on your breathing . I find that when I combine this with focusing on a positive symbol at the area of my third eye (between and just above the eyebrows) that the challenge of the two focus points at once zaps most of the random thoughts .

Initially I learned to meditate using a thunderstorm tape . The rain part would lull me , and the thunder would bring me back around – eventually I learned to hover between . As a bonus , it made thunderstorms in the real world much more pleasant and even relaxing !

There are plenty of meditation cds you could try too , maybe even some free stuff online . You can also meditate to the sound of low voices – just turn the tv way down , focus on the hum of the voices , and start relaxing and let the monotony of it soothe you .

You’ll know it’s working when you get very very relaxed and super comfortable, feeling a bit like floating . Then it seems like my hands disappear , then the rest of me . After that it feels like the space in my head expands to much bigger .

It is great for you in any number of ways , but you should also be aware that you are embarking on a spiritual practice . There could be some interesting side effects which you may or may not want . Increasing psychic or spirit activity , odd energies in the body , etc .

Before you meditate , you should learn how to ground yourself . (try googling psychic grounding ) Otherwise you might end up at some time with too much energy , or energy that makes you feel dizzy or a little nauseated . You need to know what to do if that might happen . It’s a very natural consequence of raising the vibration – the body can take some time to catch up .

You might say , I just want to relax – I don’t want any funny energies or spirits ! Well, that may never happen and you will never have to deal with it . On the other hand it may and we don’t always get what we had in mind at first . You can request that your guides keep away symptoms you are not in favor of .

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