tarot cards falling out while shuffling

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    1. Lisuretarot says

      I’ve often heard it said that cards that fall out of the deck while shuffling should be discarded. I would have to say that this may be correct if several cards fall out, but if just one falls out it may have bearing on the overall meaning of the reading.

      Last night, while I was doing a reading on an upcoming move, a single card fell out of the deck face-down while I was shuffling. I had this feeling that the card was somehow significant so I turned it face-up and used it as a sort of significator (though I don’t normally use a significator). In this case, there were very strong ties to the other cards.

      • Sarah Handly says

        In response to cards falling out of a deck while shuffling…

        I have found that any card falling out of the deck should in no way be disregarded! The universe has a VERY important message for you, or your client, and this is they’re sense of humor getting your attention! The “fallen” cards have always shown great significance and relevance in all readings where I have been graced with this experience.

        Lisuretarot, I am sure that that 1 card gave you great insight into the issue at hand. True?

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