The 13th Sign called OPHIUCHUS

Check these sites out for more information:

Better Double Check Your Zodiac Sign – NBC Chicago

For those Sagittarians and Capricorns still a little shaken up about the new sign, Time has put together a handy getting-to-know-Ophiuchus guide here.

Ophiuchus shrugged – WEEKEND

Like millions of Americans I freaked out last month when the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (what) reported that some astronomer decided there were actually 13 signs of the zodiac.

Comment on your thoughts below.. do you count it or not?

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    1. Mikey says

      Well, Ophiuchus seems to have a lot of people stummped. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how we lovers of Astrology can implement this 13th sign that’s supposedly been hidden from the science; or should we worry about incorporating it at all?

    2. oldzodiac says

      It’s not that anyone is “stumped”. It’s just that this whole thing is a non-issue. Every once in a while some scientist/skeptic/insecure individual decides that s/he has to “save” all us silly astrologers from ourselves and they bring up the precession and/or Ophiuchus as “proof” of the error of our ways – but the fact is that, as the Bard would say, this is much ado about nothing.

      We’ve known about precession for a VERY long time. In fact there is an entire branch of astrology that already corrects for precession. It’s called sidereal astrology.

      The so-called 13th sign of the Zodiac is old news as well. Ophiuchus is a constellation, NOT a sign. Astrology is not based on constellations, it is based on the seasons. While the signs are a convenient way to divide the year, they needn’t correspond to the constellations that bear the same names.

      • steve says

        bravo! love this explanation.
        it was a non-issue for me as well, and i felt that astrology already accounted for it all.
        ophiucus, aside from having a constellation, also needs a planet and a house; ophicus has been around for eons without a house or planet and has been functioning fine.

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